Talking with Cyrus Webb on “Conversations Live”

Below is my radio interview with Cyrus Webb, host of Conversations LIVE!.  Beyond a great interview, he has also posted a wonderful review of my book America Beyond Capitalism on Amazon:

We all have our views, and I think that is fine; however, at the end of the day our goal should be to look for solutions instead of just reasons to fight and try to keep someone else from a victory. That is seen all around us, but especially in politics. When it comes to what will help us to be the country we were meant to be, it is books like Gar Alperovitz’s AMERICA BEYOND CAPITALISM that helps us to remember what is really important today.

Though it is obvious he is more a supporter of the Progressive movement and the direction they would like to see the country head in, Gar is open to the fact that all of us regardless of our political views have to be able to work together to see the kind of sweeping reform that is needed for us to thrive. There is nothing wrong with being progressive or conservative. What is wrong is how far you are willing to take your views just to see your side win instead of the country winning.

I read this book not just the sobering facts that it presented, but with the hope that all of us should have when it comes to the country and what is still possible. I, like Gar, believe that America’s best days can still be in front of us. What we have to learn to do, however, is get bi-partisanship more involved in the decision-making and not allow our egos and rigid thinking destroy us or any chance for recovery.

Listen to the interview:

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