The Cleveland Model

The Cleveland Model: building green worker cooperatives within a community framework that leverages the procurement power of non-profit anchor institutions:

Cleveland Model

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  • Thomas Kuna

    This is what we’d like to do with our Vet’s Green-Energy Coops.  But we don’t have cash enough.  We need a 1% tax on financial transactions over $50,000 to go towards grants for the Pro-Life, Pro-Green Economy non-profits to install non-nuclear, non-fossil-fuel energy production  in counties and groups of counties,   And we need 20-hours work for 40-hours pay with the difference not paid for by the employer, but by Earned Income Credits funded by a special Social-Profits-Sharing sur tax on the net incomes of persons netting more than the Adult-Per-Capita GNP of their nation, after costs of doing business, investments, savings and donations. See:

    • Bill f

      Sounds like communism to me.
      What we need are fair systems that encourage and support individual and cooperative development.

      • Canobs

         What is so bad with communism, which means using the resources for the community, cooperatives are a communist system, some religious groups like the Amish and Mennonites have a communist system, your city town hall is for the commune then communist ____ The soviet system had to be modernized and democratized, and certainly not destroyed ___ Except for the most ignorant American Republicans who think they are in a democratic honestly run country. ___ Read more at – – and –

      • Canobs

         All USA workers unions are also proletarian communism organizations

  • Canobs

    __Looks like a PPP, private public partnership, which later become a PP, private partnership, then a , fully private recuperated venture, thanks to their well paid convincing administrators lobbeyists, as happened several times in Europe ____ Hoping this will not happen with this one on the long run.