Bioneers Radio (with Ted Howard)

The good folks at Bioneers Radio recently put together this great short program featuring myself and my Democracy Collaborative colleague Ted Howard:

A Parade of Dwarves: Democratizing Wealth for a New Economy

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  • Auntie Greed

    Warm-hearted examples. ¿Realistically, what proportion of the corporate wealth could be owned in these coops? ¿In 30 years, could the coops buy up one percent of the corporate wealth to redirect that influence and decision making? That seems realistic to me, but meaningless in turning around the inequality issues. See something more effective at

  • rachuthan


    American middle-class economic pain leading a fresh effort by the people to ‘occupy democracy’, that was once granted land owning, moneyed folks in the USA in the late 1770s and tweaked several times back to life is now up for substantive review:

    This time we must acknowledge governance has to be environment based and global, and the pain borne by the global Poor to date removed through their ground- level participation in ‘occupying democracy by all people’, and equitable economic returns.

    What are the global economic institutions to deliver the same?

    The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a PR document of the Elite, may be visited in the archives for its failures under the global political economy.