Part 2 of my conversation with Peter Buffett: “If you don’t have a way to speak to ordinary Americans, you’re not in the game.”

Picking up where the short introductory excerpt left off, this next segment from our long conversation finds Peter Buffett and myself discussing the influence that growing up Midwestern had on both of us, and how these early experiences of community have shaped—for the better (we hope)!—the way we each try to talk about systemic challenges and solutions.

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  • BrooksEnglish

    After listening to the entire two parts, I was left disappointed in that you didn’t once ask Peter to explain for listeners, “What is the Charitable-Industrial Complex?” While a friendly chat, for me, it didn’t get to the meat of the matter, and it politely tap-danced around the elephant in the room. Too bad…

  • BrooksEnglish

    I do appreciate your mentioning Laura Flander’s interview and there I got my question answered… also, loved hearing about Peter going around barefoot and eating healthy food! Thank you!!!

  • Michael C. Duff

    I’m wondering how checkerboard strategies will hold up under recent initiatives by the American Legislative Exchange Council to get laws passed at the (presumably conservative) state level preempting local progressive laws..