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In conversation with Michael Albert

An abridged version of the following conversation with Michael Albert, developer with Robin Hahnel of  the participatory economics model or “Parecon” appeared on Truthout. MICHAEL ALBERT: Participatory economics proposes a small set of institutions that define the heart of a new type of economy. These institutions are conceived to further various values: self-management, solidarity, diversity, [...]

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Together with my colleagues at the Democracy Collaborative, we have assembled what we hope will be a useful resource for activists, scholars, and policy makers trying to come to terms with the system problem: If we know the system is broken, and we want to move beyond both corporate capitalism and state socialism—how do we clarify [...]

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Part 2 of my conversation with Peter Buffett: “If you don’t have a way to speak to ordinary Americans, you’re not in the game.”

Picking up where the short introductory excerpt left off, this next segment from our long conversation finds Peter Buffett and myself discussing the influence that growing up Midwestern had on both of us, and how these early experiences of community have shaped—for the better (we hope)!—the way we each try to talk about systemic challenges [...]

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The Real News Network

All five parts of my long interview with The Real News Network’s Paul Jay are now online: Part One: “Understanding the Imperialist System Changed My Life” (video & transcript)

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A preview of my conversation with Peter Buffett

The following segment is an excerpt and preview of a conversation that took place between myself and Peter Buffett: composer, chairman of the NOVO Foundation, and son of investor Warren Buffett. Peter’s op-ed last year in the New York Times on the “charitable industrial complex”—retweeted over 8000 times and liked and shared by over a [...]

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