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A response to Sam Gindin

I was surprised to read Sam Gindin’s characterization of my views on worker-ownership and cooperatives in his recent article “Chasing Utopia.” I agree with Wolff and Wright that worker-owned and self-directed firms make sense in a number of areas—and with Gindin’s judgment that “in general, factory takeovers and co-ops should be enthusiastically supported.” However, they are […]

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Wall Street Journal embracing the democratization of wealth?

Just three years ago, I worked with the staff here at the Democracy Collaborative to write this article, which made a very basic point about the way systemic solutions to economic inequality were treated by the business paper of record, the Wall Street Journal.  As you can see, business structures that directly democratized ownership of […]

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The Contours of Long-Term Systemic Crisis

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Podcast: Conversation with David Harvey on Capitalism

TeleSUR English’s “The Laura Flanders Show” hosted a conversation with economic theorists Gar Alperovitz and David Harvey on what is to be done about wealth inequality and capitalism, and efforts currently underway to move beyond them. Listen now: Download this segment [Subscribe on iTunes * Podcast link]

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The Cooperative Economy: A Conversation with Gar Alperovitz

Published in the May/June & July/August 2014 issue of Orion magazine IN THE MID-1960s, when author, historian, and political economist Gar Alperovitz was working as legislative director for Senator Gaylord Nelson, change was in the air. Ink had dried on an early version of the Clean Air Act, the civil rights movement had won major victories, and the first […]

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