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Part 2 of my conversation with Peter Buffett: “If you don’t have a way to speak to ordinary Americans, you’re not in the game.”

Picking up where the short introductory excerpt left off, this next segment from our long conversation finds Peter Buffett and myself discussing the influence that growing up Midwestern had on both of us, and how these early experiences of community have shaped—for the better (we hope)!—the way we each try to talk about systemic challenges and solutions.

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A preview of my conversation with Peter Buffett

Peter BuffettThe following segment is an excerpt and preview of a conversation that took place between myself and Peter Buffett: composer, chairman of the NOVO Foundation, and son of investor Warren Buffett. Peter’s op-ed last year in the New York Times on the “charitable industrial complex”—retweeted over 8000 times and liked and shared by over a hundred thousand people on Facebook—was not only a stunning and unexpected indictment of the philanthropic status quo, but a bold call to imagine a new economy. This latter aspect—Peter’s demand for, as he put it, “concepts that shatter current structures and systems that have turned much of the world into one vast market”—led to the conversation excerpted here, when I sat down with Peter at the close of 2013 for a discussion of systemic crisis and the possibility of hope. The full conversation will appear soon.

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Bioneers Radio (with Ted Howard)

The good folks at Bioneers Radio recently put together this great short program featuring myself and my Democracy Collaborative colleague Ted Howard:

A Parade of Dwarves: Democratizing Wealth for a New Economy

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Podcast: Left Forum 2013

In June at Pace University in New York City, I participated in a number of panels, two of which are available as podcasts.

The first panel was an exchange with my friend and colleague, Marxian economist Richard Wolff, regarding workplace democracy and democratic ownership.

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Introduction – Maliha Safri

7:00 – Opening statements by Richard Wolff

36:00 – Statement by Gar Alperovitz

1:03:00 Questions

1:09:00 Richard Wolff responds

1:18:00 Gar Alperovitz responds

In the second panel, “Is There an Ecologically Sustainable Alternative? Democracy, Planning and Markets in the Next System,” I had a lively discussion with researcher Richard Smith of Institute for Policy Research and Development.

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2:15 Richard Smith

32:00 Gar Alperovitz

56:00 Q&A

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Podcast: Interview with The Progressive’s Matthew Rothschild

In this wide-ranging May 6th interview with Gar Alperovitz, Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive magazine and host of Progressive Radio, spent a half hour exploring themes of the new book, What Then Must We Do?

Listen now:

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