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The Cleveland Model

The Cleveland Model: building green worker cooperatives within a community framework that leverages the procurement power of non-profit anchor institutions:

Cleveland Model

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Podcast: Conversation with Richard Heinberg on Equality and Inequality in a Shrinking Economy

Richard Heinberg, a senior fellow at the Post Carbon Institute, engaged in an online-video discussion with Gar on the topic of “Equality and Inequality in a Shrinking Economy–Strategies and Consequences.” The second half of this hour-long talk consists of responses to viewers’ questions. (Pardon the occasional flaws in audio quality.)


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How Big Banks Run the World – at Your Expense

Originally published at Truthout.

The recent Public Banking conference held in Philadelphia offered a message that is at once so simple – but also so bold – it is hard for most Americans to pause long enough to understand how profoundly their thinking had been corralled by the masters of finance – in ways far, far, far more insidious and powerful than even the latest financial crisis suggests.

To understand what has happened, however, you first have to take a minute to shake a few cobwebs out of your brain about “money” – and how it is created and by whom and for whose benefit.

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