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Podcast: Left Forum 2013

In June at Pace University in New York City, I participated in a number of panels, two of which are available as podcasts.

The first panel was an exchange with my friend and colleague, Marxian economist Richard Wolff, regarding workplace democracy and democratic ownership.

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Introduction – Maliha Safri

7:00 – Opening statements by Richard Wolff

36:00 – Statement by Gar Alperovitz

1:03:00 Questions

1:09:00 Richard Wolff responds

1:18:00 Gar Alperovitz responds

In the second panel, “Is There an Ecologically Sustainable Alternative? Democracy, Planning and Markets in the Next System,” I had a lively discussion with researcher Richard Smith of Institute for Policy Research and Development.

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2:15 Richard Smith

32:00 Gar Alperovitz

56:00 Q&A

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